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HydroBlox™ is a revolutionary alternative to handle water mitigation that requires no maintenance and is completely concealed once installed. HydroBlox™ operates on the simple principle of water pressure to move ground water from one place to another. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials, HydroBlox’s composition is 38% open space which allows the water to flow through it at an impressive 14.5 gallons per minute.

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Sizes Available: Hydroblox Planks, Storm Water Box, and Transition Box available by part no. in Hydroblox category of Product Catalog.

Installation is as simple as digging a shallow trench, setting the HydroBlox™ boards into the trench with an overlapping pattern, and filling the trench in. Since the boards can withstand up to 40,000lbs of pressure, they will not crush once installed. To allow the water to seep back into the earth naturally, run the boards to daylight in a preferred location or use one of the HydroBlox™ Transition Boxes.